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(Pocket-lint) - Six years ago Tamagotchis took over the playground. They were everywhere. Kids and adults alike spent more time worrying about their little virtual pet than they did about themselves. Luckily for most the craze died down, we moved on to something else like Pokemon and all was saved. Now Bandai has decided that it is time once again to unleash the craze once more. This time however in that true all loving situation your critters can talk to each other.

From the outset they are pretty much the same as before, you buy the toy, turn it on and wait to see what you get. Once your Tamagotchi has hatched you are allowed to name it and then have got to spend every waking hour looking after it else it will go hungry, get miserable and ultimately die.

To entertain yourself and it you can play a dancing game or hurdles. Feeding it, making sure its pen (basically the screen) is clean and checking regularly to see if it's happy or not will decide the fate of your pet. The difference this time around however is that you can make friends with other Tamagotchis via infra-red. Make a good enough friend with another Tamagotchi and you'll be able to have Tamababies, although if we are being honest we haven't got that far yet and in fact we are struggling to keep the little fellow alive.

To recap

Want to relive your childhood, adolescence or mid-twenties? Grab a couple and go for it- or alternatively, forget it.

Writing by Stuart Miles.