(Pocket-lint) - You know that thing where you or your child unwrap a brand new remote controlled helicopter on Christmas Day or a birthday, only for it to shatter in pieces in contact with the living room light fittings 20 minutes later? Yeah, us too. Only too well.

The TX Juice AI Copter therefore could be the answer to all our dreams. It has claims to be the world's first RC helicopter to feature artificial intelligence and therefore becomes a doddle to take off and land - the two things we've struggled with on many other RC flyers we've tried out.

We're not talking KITT from Knight Rider level of AI, but there is enough in the TX Juice Copter to cope with automatic take off and landing.


When you press the Juice button on the remote, the small(ish) yellow Copter takes off and hovers one metre off the ground, ready for you to take full manual control. You can then use your thumb and joystick to fly it as you would any other remote helicopter.

It remains stable in the air thanks to built in Gyro2 stabilisation and sensors under the cockpit are capable of detection solid objects underneath and it will therefore intelligently shift to avoid them.


The Juice button, when the Copter is in flight mode, then switches on the auto-landing mode. Simple.

It's stunningly simple to fly and, aside from the AI functionality, great to manoeuvre in the air. Pocket-lint got to check out the TX Juice AI Copter at Hamleys' annual Christmas in July event and were impressed enough to want to check it more fully in the near future.

It will be available from the London toy store and online in "about six weeks" for £50.

Writing by Rik Henderson.