(Pocket-lint) - Character Options is following up its successful relaunch of the Teksta Robotic Puppy with three additions to the family for 2014. The Teksta collection - also known as Tekno in the US - will gain a Dalmation version of the pup, Kitty the kitten and Teksta T-Rex.

The Dalmation is essentially the same as the other two puppies that are already available, but features a spotty coat. He flips, interacts with his bone and ball and recognises a variety of hand gestures. The other two have different actions and come with other accessories.


The T-Rex is different in that it stands on two legs and walks with a wobbling gait. It made us laugh when watching it wobble towards us on Character Options' stand at the London Toy Fair, so we reckon it will be a massive hit with children. It can also perform all manner of new tricks. For a start, while it too comes with a bone accessory, the bone can come apart into two pieces. If you feed the constructed bone to the T-Rex it will snap it and then fling it out of its mouth.

He can sniff at the bone, and hand gestures can make him walk back and forth. He also has the ability to tilt his head.

The Teksta Kitty is much like the puppy in stature, but rather than flip, it can pounce like a cat. Also, instead of a bone, it comes with a small mouse that can be attached under its chin/ The mouse is also interactive, with two buttons on top that can start different motions on the Kitty. The Kitty can also purr, meow, move her ears and curl her tail up and down.


Both of the two new creatures in the line-up have plenty of other modes too, but these are the main ones we saw at Toy Fair 2014. They were also prototype models so other features could be added later.

The Dalmation is available now in the UK from select stores with a wider rollout planned for April. The Teksta Kitty and Teksta T-Rex will be available from Autumn. All three, like the original, will cost £59.99.

Writing by Rik Henderson.