(Pocket-lint) - Character Options has revealed its first action figure for the new Doctor, as played by Peter Capaldi. The twelfth Doctor toy appeared at the London Toy Fair and is modelled wearing the clothes he regenerated into at the end of The Day of the Doctor, screened on Christmas Day.

The toy manufacturer has produced the Doctor Who licensed toys for several years now, and Pocket-lint has managed to get pictures of some cool stuff on its Toy Fair stand over the years - including the Union Jack-adorned Dalek created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show - but we have to say that we were a little more excited than usual to see the new Doctor among the latest ranges.


For a start, it actually does look like Capaldi. And he looks well placed among the other figures in the line-up. One vista on the stand featured the Weeping Angels. Perhaps that's a sign that he's to face them in the next series on the BBC. But then, it could have just been set up to look great. Either way, it's a bit of a treat for Doctor Who fans.

As a note for collectors, Character Options is to replace its packaging for its Doctor Who figures and toys this year. You might find the characters inside are the same in some instances, but the bubble packs will be different. Time to get the old moth-eaten wallet out again.

Writing by Rik Henderson.