(Pocket-lint) - Hexbug, the robotic toy company famous for small vibrating pocket robots, had a number of exciting new toys on its stand at ToyFair 2014, one of which was the Battling Spiders offering the next generation of the Hexbug Spider.

The company has had micro robotic spiders in its offering in the past, but never ones that fight against each other, until now. 

The Battling Spiders allow for two-person play and feature infrared sensors, along with a futuristic voice and sound effects, all of which add to the fun. Perhaps not the best toy for anyone scared of spiders though.


The two spiders feature different designs so you can distinguish between them, with an orange and white model and a blue and grey model available. Each spider can handle 10 hits before it's knocked down and out of the game, leaving the winning model standing.

The hits are monitored by the Battling Spider's life-sensor and there is a recoil and physical response when your spider has been hit or when you are shooting to give you the ultimate battle experience.


The Battling Spiders look great and respond quickly to the two-channel infrared remote control, moving around swiftly, and are very light to hold.

Hexbug recommends them for ages 8 and up. 

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.