WowWee is to launch a new robot this year called the RoboMe, a robot that allows you to give it some personality by plugging in your iPhone or iPod touch to double as the face.

The new toy, which is expected some time over the summer, will work perfectly well without the iDevice, but really comes to life when you add it.

Working with an accompanying app, kids will be able to change the face that appears on the screen and the voice to different accents.

Using voice and face recognition, users will then be able to give the robots commands rather than rely on the included remote control.

Realising the popularity of services like Skype and FaceTime, the app will also let kids talk to each other or - more likely the case - let busy dads who are travelling phone home to talk to their brats.

Where it differs from Skype, however, is that those phoning the RoboMe with the app will be able to control the robot as well.

We aren't sure how it will go down in the office when you suggest to the IT guy that this replaces the expensive telepresence offering you currently have.