(Pocket-lint) - Hiding in one corner of the Character Options stand at London's Toy Fair is a rather interesting addition to the Doctor Who collectibles range. To celebrate the Doctor's 50th anniversary this year, the company behind some of the coolest Doctor Who-licensed toys is to release a large, talking Dalek that will be available in limited quantities and is decked out in the Union Jack.

Although we've had perhaps enough of products displaying their Britishness of late - especially after the Queen's jubilee and the London Olympic Games last summer - we have to say that this patriotic Dalek model would make a fine addition to any Doctor Who collection.


And, as the box states, it can talk, flash its lights and has all manner of other related sound effects. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be remote controlled, like some of Character Options' other Daleks in the past, but it is a healthy size. Consider that the figures pictured around the Dalek are from the manufacturer's (outgoing) 5-inch range and you get the idea.

We don't have a price for the 50th anniversary Dalek or its release date, but it will definitely be later this year. The one on show was a pre-production model. Nice though.

Writing by Rik Henderson.