(Pocket-lint) - If you like the idea of Rasberry Pi, but are worried that it all sounds a little bit too complicated this might be the answer.

MaKey MaKey is all about letting you create a computer controller, but instead of its being made from traditional materials such as plastic and metal, you can make it from fruit, Play-Doh, or anything else you can find around the house that is conductive.

The idea is that you plug in the circuit board - £39.99 from Firebox.com - to your computer and then find something to act as a controller: in our case an apple, a pear, a kiwi fruit and a lemon.


Once you've powered the MaKey MaKey via the USB, and then earthed it via yourself, tapping on the fruit replicates directional controls, or the space bar, or a click of the mouse.

The task at hand is to then find a game that requires you to control it, or fun apps that just need arrows and space bar.

Anything will work, surfing the internet (albeit basically) or turning it into a musical instrument. The MaKey MaKey website has plenty of suggestions and forums for you to share links to games. Because you aren’t having to programme everything yourself, getting results instantly is very much possible.

The MaKey MaKey is for those scared about what to do with the Raspberry Pi. There's room for development, but like most things you may find that by the time the fruit you've used has gone rotten, the urge to play with the MaKey MaKey has too. Still, there's some fun to be had while it's fresh. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.