Who hasn't watched Austin Powers 2 and thought, "I wish I could have a Mini Me"? Now you can. Well, sort of.

Foldable.me is a fun Kickstarter funded project that lets you create cardboard miniatures that are delivered to your door. No cutting, sticking or - according to the finished page that we received - "spanner" required.

Pocket-lintfoldable me mini me pictures and hands on image 2

It's easy to create a male or female character and adjust all manner of facial features and clothing. It's a bit like a Nintendo Mii come to life in cardboard form.

There are limits to what can be changed in the design process though. We'd like to see yet more clothing, even the ability to draw or import your own images, greater colour options for various accessories such as glasses, and even different body shapes.

Pocket-lintfoldable me mini me pictures and hands on image 9

We placed an order and it arrived within nine days, with a good ole postman-related bend in the envelope that was clearly marked with "Do not bend" in a lovely, designery font. The whole process from start to finish has a genuine "bouncy", colourful feeling about it.

Once opened there's a single card page - all you need are your own two hands to pop the flat-packed miniature out with ease. 

Start folding the pre-scored lines and the model pretty much makes itself. Or, at least, it becomes abundantly obvious which bits are supposed to go where in no time at all. 

Pocket-lintfoldable me mini me pictures and hands on image 5

The final structure is a good comedy likeness too. It's just a shame that the head doesn't fit as firmly to the body as well as all the other component parts do.

So there you have it. Head to Foldable.Me when you're bored of looking at cats doing stupid things online and part with $12 (USD). It's worth it for the 15 minutes of fun it'll bring; a bit like Lego for big kids, or at least that's what we keep telling ourselves...

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