Remember the 1980s toy phenomenon, BigTrack? If not, allow us to fill you in - it was a six-wheeled programmable electric vehicle where you entered codes on its built-in keyboard for a pre-determined movement sequence. It was the toy car for geeks. We loved it, of course.

In 2010 it received a 21st century update; BigTrack Jnr, with extra coding on board and a digital camera as well. And now, we've yet another contemporary BigTrack to enjoy; the BigTrak XTR that packs a number of new enhancements including a new design and the ability to take control using your smartphone, computer or the onboard keypad.

Pocket-lint took it for a spin at the London Olympia, at Toy Fair 2012, using an iPhone as our control method. You simply enter the surface type that your BigTrack is on, the method of steering (tilt or joypad) and away you go.

As promised with the relaunched BigTrak from 2010 you’ll be able to add accessories such as the wireless camera, missile launcher or IR gun to expand the XTR's capabilities.

It's great fun and proof that toys from the 80s still have a place in modern society. We await a revamped Thundercats Lion-O with built in Bluetooth (for "sight beyond sight", of course).

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