Remember Laser Quest, or if you’re even geekier Photon? Well the youth of today will get their chance to have the same memories you once had thanks to WowWee, the company behind Paper Jamz and Robosapiens.

It’s about to launch a new laser based game in the UK called Light Strike that we think will be huge.

The concept is simple. Three races represented by six guns with bolt on accessories to keep kids wanting to come back for more.

There’s the Light Strike Assault Strikers at the top of the pile that looks like your standard assault rifle from the Aliens movies while the Light Strike Striker hand pistols will appease those on a budget or looking for something a little more pocket friendly.

Pocket-lintlight strike from wowwee laser quest returns image 7

To boost the capacity of the Assault Strikers there will be a range of battle accessories including scope, grenade launch, machine gun bipod, and detector so you can see when other players are nearby.

But it’s not just guns, there is the Light Strike Intelligent Targeting system that can act as a sentry post, and the Light Strike Vest that players wear to up the ante.

At the heart of all this is the urge to run around shooting each other, just like you did in the 90s.

With prices starting at £29.99 for the pistols, £39.99 for the assault rifles and then accessories ranging from £9.99 to £29.99, it’s not going to be for the faint hearted especially if you need to kit out a group of you.

A quick go at a toy event in London, and they are great fun. The assault rifles come with a “finger recognition” button that has to be pressed to activate it, and there’s a reload button you’ve got to hit when you run out of ammo.

Pocket-lintlight strike from wowwee laser quest returns image 18

Accessories give you more power and will really make a difference in game we're sure.

That intelligent targeting system involves you blasting it a number of times to turn it to your team, at which point it will then help you take out the enemy when they come charging around the corner.

Add that to the colour designs and we can see kids of all ages really having fun with this when the toys come out later in the year.

And just in case you need your memory jogging about Photon, we’ve dug up the advert on YouTube for old times sake. 

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