There is no real tech involved in what is likely to be the must have game for your kids this Christmas, but it’s so much fun, and it made us jump when we had a go that we felt obliged to share it with you.

Dino Bite is a simple game that sees you having to lift a leaf to rescue stolen dino babies from the bone crushing T-Rex hovering over them.

The idea is simple. Roll the dice and then using the supplied teasers tease the babies one by one to freedom.

The catch is that at any point the T-Rex might try and bite your arm off as it choses to randomly react to your swiping.

A quick game against the PR lady and T-Rex wasn't having any of it. Leaping forward with such ferocity that it made us jump. Great fun. 

Costing £19.99 the game designed for 2-4 young players and will be toy shops later this year.