For parents, the internet is a minefield through which their children have to be guided. There's no way the little entertainment sponges are putting down those tablets if they don't have to. Seeing this, YouTube is said to be planning to create a child friendly zone for under 10s.

Multiple sources briefed by YouTube revealed the details of the project to The Information website. This claims YouTube's aim is to create a safe zone that parents can trust both for videos and comments.

The product, which isn't finished yet, would allow parents to select a dedicated app on a phone, tablet or TV. This would offer only child-safe videos and comments for viewing.

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While YouTube currently offers a "safety" filter mode and a YouTube EDU version for schools, neither are aimed at a certain age. This new model will be specifically aimed at children under 10, hopefully meaning even the usual adverts are removed or at least tailored to suit.

We like the idea of a totally safe zone where a parent can leave a child, like a virtual nursery area. Although who judges what is appropriate for what age is another can of worms that is probably being opened by YouTube right now.

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