Salad Fingers, the downright strange but also fascinating YouTube animation is to get his own collectors action figure. Pocket-lint was at the Toy Fair in London to check it out.

Created by David Firth, the Salad Fingers character has become a firm favourite among internet obsessives. Firth's website, is filled with strange and creepy animations, salad fingers being the most popular. 

The short cartoons see Salad Finger's adventures in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. His obsession with rusty spoons and interactions with ants and other strange creations are now one of the popular memes on the Internet. Salad Fingers sits alongside the likes of Burnt Face Man, Jerry Jackson and Devvo (a personal favourite) on Firth's website. Nearly everything he creates is seriously disturbing and definitely not one for the kids. If you can handle it though, his strange blend of cute and creepy can be quite addictive. 

Spotted at the London Toy Fair on the Together Plus stand, the figurine will come with three different heads to show his three different moods and will be limited to a run of just 2000 pieces.

Salad Fingers is expected to cost just £16.99 and be available in the next couple months.