Vtech has launched a new games console with motion sensor controllers as it aims to capitalise on the success of the Wii games console.

The new console, called the Vtech V.Smile Motion, will be aimed at children aged between three to seven and have a focus on education rather than just pure fun or "Murder, death, kill".

Costing £59.99, with games coming in at £19.99, the "edutainment" approach will aim to teach kids basic maths and language skills.

The controllers, which like the Wii will be wireless, have a motion sensor in them to replicate movement on screen.

The console, which comes with a games compendium rather than a single game, will offer mini games like racing and tennis. Vtech has said that it will offer its usual array of games like Dora, and Wall-e with the promise of more including Monsters v Aliens by Dreamworks later in the year.

However, while the console will come with batteries, a power pack is optional.

Using an option cable parents will be able to download their child's progress.

The V.Smile motion is available now.