VTech has launched a range of new laptops aimed at Kids so Dads and Mums around the country can feel safe know that their little tikes won't be able to trash theirs.

Looking as life like as possible; the boys version is even a boring black charcoal colour, the two new models will come in the guise of a Tablet PC.

The Touch Tablet has 125 educational arcade-style activities and a unique touch sensitive screen, which attaches to the laptop for two different ways to play.

Promising to teaching English, maths, French, science and geography, the Touch Tablet has a touch pad, light up mouse and a voice recorder plus four bonus cartridges.

The touchscreen can also be detached allowing extra portability.

Suitable for ages 7 upwards it can be linked to a PC to backup files, download additional activities and print out work.

It is available in black and pink.

The company has also launched a PDA for kids aspiring to be just like there working parents. Looking like a HTC device, the unit will come with swappable fascias that allow you to load different games and educational skill set such as maths or English.

Both models will be available later in the year.