VTech, the children's educational toy maker, has announced that it is launching a digital aimed specifically at kids. The new £59.99 camera is called the Kidizoom: Multimedia Digital Camera and aimed at children 4 years and up.

As you might expect, the camera can take photos, make movies and following in Samsung's footsteps also play games.

Also, a first for a digital camera, the Kidizoom features interchangeable face plates for personalisation to suit your mood.

No word on a megapixel count, however camera features include a flash and 16Mb of in-built memory with the option to expand this via an SD card.

The camera also comes with software to allow you to edit your pictures and a range of games that you can play on the device's 1.8-inch screen or by plugging into a TV.

Games promise to develop key skills such as problem solving and co-ordination whilst the camera and photo editing develops creativity.

The camera won't unfornately be available in store until July.