Vtech has created a baby doll that supposedly grows with your child as they grow.

The idea is that the more you talk to the baby the more words it learns and with more than 80 phrases to master that should take your little one some time.

Hoping to ape the success of toys like Furby from Hasbro, the new Grow With Me Baby Doll will be available in the autumn/winter for £24.99.

vtech grow with me baby doll wants you to teach it what to say video  image 4

The baby even gradually develops from infant to pre-schooler by talking to it more and more with a number of pre-set words that are detailed in three accompanying books.

There are four pretend play activities including Talk With Me, Caring, Reading, and Music Time.

Of course you'll also get a dummy and bottle which says Vtech promotes interactive play and caring.

The idea here seems to be to deliver a technological savvy toy, but without pushing a screen in your face, while at the same time beating your average inanimate doll screaming "mumma" over and over again.