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(Pocket-lint) - VTech has updated its tablet, the InnoTab with the InnoTab 2, and we've grabbed one to have a quick play.

If the thought of giving your young kid your iPad or your shiny Android tablet scares the hell out of you, VTech, the company behind many an educational toy version of your favourite laptop or desktop computer, has updated its tablet, bringing with it a host of new features and specs.

The InnoTab 2 looks very similar to the former model but features a rotating (front and back) camera for capturing still photos and video, nicked from the company's own popular VTech Kidizoom toy camera.

There's a microphone this time too, which can be used by some of the games and applications outside of video recording.

Pocket-lintvtech innotab 2 pictures and hands on image 6

Its LCD touchscreen is the same size - 5-inches - and there's a g-sensor again, for motion gameplay.

Different from the competing LeapFrog LeapPad 2, the Innotab features a kickstand so you can perch it for watching content.

Owners of the first iteration will still be able to play previous games, but you'll also get 15 apps to get you started.

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VTech hopes the camera and app selection will help swing your credit card in its favour, but having played with prototypes of both the VTech and LeapFrog tablets, our money is on the LeapPad 2 succeeding this Christmas. It feels faster, and more responsive.

Coming in pink or blue, it will cost £84.99 when it's released later this year.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.