A Star Wars fan has got creative and conjured a sled that resembles the Snowspeeder, as seen in The Empire Strikes Back.

Going by the name “fortyozjuicebox”, the Star Wars enthusiast built the sled from cardboard but went into extreme detail painting the contraption just as it’s seen in the movie, even including the radiator port and rear gun. 

star wars snowspeeder made into a sled video  image 2

The video illustrates how the cardboard roof pops open to let the user in and out of the space sled. The video also shows the homemade Snowspeeder in action as it takes to the slopes with a watchful crowd looking on.

star wars snowspeeder made into a sled video  image 3

Okay, so it’s not quite in the same league as the Star Wars hoverbike we recently saw demoed in the Californian desert, but you can’t fault fortyozjuicebox’s commitment to the Rebel Alliance.

It’s certainly one way to spend a cold afternoon. Just be careful of crashing into any trees.