(Pocket-lint) - Kids looking to spice up chess or checkers will be able to emulate the famous battle chess scene in Star Wars from September as long as they've got the right board and an iPad 2.

App Toyz, the company that brought us the App Blaster gun in 2011, is back at this year's Toy Fair in London with a new augmented reality toy and app called CheckARz.

This time the boffins at App Toyz have turned to Qualcomm and its SDK software to create an app and an accompanying board that makes simple games like chess and draughts interactive by overlaying moving characters when you look through the iPad 2.

The new kit due out in September is currently in prototype stage, but Pocket-lint has been invited to see an early demo, and we're impressed.


The hope is to develop a range of characters that will then give you a reason to want to play, more than just the chance to kill the other player's pieces.

As you might of guessed you will need your mate to have an iPad 2 as well.

Qualcomm recently showed an augmented reality Bert and Ernie toy at this year's CES in Las Vegas at the beginning of the month. The toy allowed kids to create a virtual scene and even a bedroom disco. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.