We've seen the R2-D2 Motorola Droid phone. We've seen a pretty young lady demonstrating that R2-D2 can, in fact, be sexy and we've even seen an R2-D2 BBQ.

But an R2-D2 version of the popular game Operation - that's got to be our favourite astromech droid spin-off yet.

The Operation Star Wars R2-D2 Edition just seems like the perfect fit. We mean, we loved Operation when we were younger, but always found it a bit weird poking around the innards of a naked man.

No, re-working a robot is a much more acceptable premise - and R2-D2 is possibly the most famous robot ever so he's the perfect patient.

"The Rebel Alliance’s favourite astromech droid has developed all sorts of mechanical maladies, and it’s up to your skillful surgical hands to get the little guy feeling right again," reads the official statement. And don't mess up - just look at C-3PO's concerned face, you wouldn't want to worry him anymore.

Out in the UK at the end of September, you can pre-order now for £23.99.