Sphero, the company behind BB-8 and other robot toys, has reduced some of its most popular products on Amazon (US) for Black Friday.

Starting off with R2-D2, which we previewed here, it's marked down $50, bringing the cost to $129 from $179.99. Unlike the company's BB-8 and BB-9, which are spherical in their design, the R2-D2 instead takes on the familiar shape of the movies - complete with those three legs, rotating head, blinking LED lights, and beeps and burps. He certainly looks the part, though is more clean than usual.

Next up is the BB-9E, which we also previewed. It now costs $99, rather than $149.99 like normal. On the surface, the BB-9E is the same as the BB-8 Droid that Sphero launched in 2015 around the release of Force Awakens. Speaking of BB-8, it's been reduced, too, though only by $20. You can get it now on Amazon in the US for $129.99, instead of $149.99. Check out our full review of it here.

And finally, Sphero's Ollie is just $59.99, down from $99.99. In our review of it, we remarked on how much our cats loved it. So, if nothing else, it makes a fun pet toy. But all these toys are app-enabled, so you can control them and drive them around all from your mobile device.

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