Scalextric, we're sure, has a special place in many a gadget-lover's heart with fond memories of glorious victories over various family members.

Setting up the track could sometimes be a bit of a chore, checking the metal pins underneath for dodgy connections a prerequisite. But after careful adjustment you'd be finally set and with trigger fully pressed you'd hammer it to the first corner only to realise enthusiasm had got the better of you, with your prized Lancia Delta spinning wildly through the air, landing no doubt on some prized household ornament.

If that little trip down memory lane rings any bells, then you'll be pleased to hear that Scalextric along with the Brooklands Museum have embarked on a world record attempt, which will see the 2.75-mile Brooklands motoring racing circuit covered with over 20,000 sections of Scalextic track.

The event will be attended by Guinness World Records where two teams will battle it out "in the greatest slot car race of all time".

The attempt will be made on the 16 August and be shown on the TV series James May's Toy Stories in the autumn on BBC2.