Scalextric is to launch a Transformers set in conjunction with the new movie Pocket-lint has learned.

Given behind the scenes access to see a clay prototype the new set, will be based on the company's Micro 64:1 set rather than the 31:1 scale.

The set will feature Transformers Bumblebee and Decepticon Barricade from the new movie and allow you to transform the cars to reveal the robots.

"We wanted to try with other robots featured in the film, however from a scalextric point of view only the cars were practical", a spokesman for Scalextric told us.

Rather than just be another car racing set however, the two cars - strangely a Mustang for Bumblebee rather than a Volkswagen Beetle and Police car rather than a racecar can flip up to reveal the robots and the arms come out and allow you to play Battlemode to knock the other player off the track.

The track will feature a circular roundabout and a crossroads and have an character underlay that features scenes from the movie and the two characters in full robot form.

Out early in June and costing £40, Scalextric is hoping to storm kids and adults bedrooms in time for the July 4 film release.

"There are potential plans to do more sets with more characters however only if the film is successful and a follow-up movie is released within a couple years", Pocket-lint was told.

Last year Scalextrix released a Batman and Simpsons version of its Micro sets.

The information is so top secret that Scalextric and Hasbro wouldn't even allow us to take pictures.

We will keep you posted.