Scalextric has upgraded its range for the 21st century and has introduced the new Digital set range, which adds all new features and opportunities to customise racing.

Because of the new digital technology, four cars can race at any one time, and are now able to change lanes, overtake, and even perform pitstops. The entry-level Digital Inition set costs £125, while the top-of-the-range Triple Rivals costs £200.

While four cars are racing around the track at once, a simple touch of the button on the hand throttles lets them switch from inner or outer lanes, so that players can use blocking tactics like in real races. There’s also a new brake button on the top of the hand throttle so that you can scream around corners while keeping control.

Digital Ignition, the basic range, comes with two blue and yellow Nissan 350Z cars, and just four metres of track.

A1 Gran Prix Digital lets you pit Team GB and Team France A1 GP cars against one another on over 6 metres of track, while Triple Rivals gives you control over a Maserati MC12, Porsche 911 GT3R, or Dodge Viper Competition Coupe on seven metres of track.

Additional track modification parts, including lane changing tracks for straights and bends, and a pit lane track, are available.

More authentic-looking cars from F1, Rally, GT, and Road races are available in the Digital range, and for those with older models, Scalextric offers two types of digital conversion chips.