(Pocket-lint) - Scalextric is to broaden its appeal by reaching out to millennials and those looking to have fun with a range of new cars from films and TV shows including Only Fools and Horses and Back To The Future.

Worried that the slot-car toy got "too serious" in recent years as it chased realism over fun and entertainment, the new cars will be sold on their own rather than as part of a themed set.

It's a move, says Scalextric, that means it will be able to keep the entry to race costs down and become a possible impulse purchase.

A spokesman for the company confirmed to Pocket-lint the new cars will be going on sale from April and cost £49 when they launch in the UK.  


So far cars include the famous time-jumping DeLorean from Back To The Future and both the Ford Cortina and Robin Reliant from BBC comedy classic Only Fools and Horses.

The DeLorean will feature a working Flux capacitor, working lights, and an attachable Lighting rod allowing you to reenact the final scene in the first movie.

The famous yellow motor driven by Del Boy and Rodney will be the first three-wheeled car by Hornby, makers of Scalextric. 

And as to what’s next? Although a spokesman for the company wouldn’t say, talking candidly to Pocket-lint we get the impression there will be more iconic cars that resonate with similar audiences in the future.


One such promise is more James Bond cars. The new cars, which will launch to coincide with the new Bond movie No Time To Die in cinemas, will also be available on their own allowing racers to add them to current sets without having to invest in a complete offering.

The new James Bond range will launch with a silver Aston Martin DB5 and an Aston Martin V8, both of which feature in the upcoming movie No Time To Die.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.