If you could combine two of your most favourite things in the world, what would be the outcome? Charlize Theron on a camping trip to Bognor Regis? Simon Cowell's head and a blender, perhaps?

Surely James Bond Scalextric has to be up there somewhere. And that's not a million miles from reality, as the toy manufacturer has crafted exactly that. In fact, come the release of the latest 007 movie, there will be three officially licensed sets available later this year.

The first two will be the James Bond 007 Skyfall Scalextric Set and Micro Scalextric James Bond Skyfall, costing £119.99 and £49.99 respectively. And there will be a James Bond 007 Skyfall Twinpack Limited Edition too, with only 3,500 made. It will cost £84.99 and the cars to be included are yet to be revealed.

james bond 007 skyfall cars revealed with official scalextric set image 2

Cars for the full Skyfall set, which also appear in the movie, have already been unveiled, as they adorn the front of the packaging. One of them is the return of the Aston Martin DB5 to the franchise - as also seen in the official stills from the film that have just been released - while the other is a Range Rover Evoque.

We're not sure exactly what Bond does inside the Evoque, but there have been spy shots leaked online that show him driving one, so it's not just a random addition.

james bond 007 skyfall cars revealed with official scalextric set image 3

Perhaps more exciting than the cars themselves is the picture of the Scalextric track layout for the main set. It has jumps. Jumps. In Scalextric. Woo-hoo.

Also coming soon for Scalextric/James Bond collectors and fans is the DB5 that appeared in Goldeneye. The car will cost £49.99 and more details on this limited-edition vehicle and the other Bond sets are available on www.scalextric.com.

You can see what we thought of the super-sized Scalextric Digital Platinum set in our pictures and hands-on piece.

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