With the imminent release of Pixar's latest movie, Cars 2, it comes as no surprise that stores are being crammed with related branded and themed merchandise. There's Cars 2 lunchboxes, Cars 2 sticker books, Cars 2 pyjamas and Jimmy and Alan Carr both have telly shows running at the moment. However, there's surely no better use of the Cars 2 license than Cars 2 Scalextric.

There are two sets to be launched in the near future, in order to coincide with the movie's release. The Micro Scalextric set costs £54.99, comes with Lightening McQueen and new, British racer Nigel Gearsley (an Aston Martin DB9). It allows players to speed across different nations (represented by the markings on the track) and comes with different backdrops representing scenes in the film.

A more advanced set, the Scalextric Start, features Lightening McQueen again (albeit in larger form), but this time he's joined by Italian racing car Francesco Bernoulli (voiced by John Turturro in the flick). It costs £99, but boasts nine different track layouts, including one that incorporates the McQueen's racing number "95".

Other cars can be purchased separately for £31.99 apiece.

Yeah, sure, kids will love these sets. But we recommend you check them out too. Why should the tots have all the fun?

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