Philips has strayed away from baby monitors and launched two new educational toys called the Magic Theatre and Magic Mirror.

The new toys are aimed at encouraging hand eye coordination and speech. Kicking off the new range is the the SCD940 Magic Theatre (£30.00 rrp) and SCD910 Magic Mirror (£20.00 rrp).

The Philips Magic Theatre projects images on the wall or ceiling the relaxing images stimulate the child’s visual development just like a magic lantern did in Victorian times and the unit comes with different images for different development stages.

The Magic Mirror on the other hand is aimed at helping to stimulate babies’ aural development.

The mirror automatically records sounds and then plays them back three times, giving babies the reassurance of hearing familiar voices or a bedtime story as they fall asleep.

Paying special attention to design, the Magic Theatre and Mirror both feature unbreakable mirror which uses flexible plastic instead of glass.

The Philips Mother & Child Care range is available from Mothercare, Boots, John Lewis, Tesco and