Whilst the Parrot AR.Drone might sound like something that the Terminantor's Skynet would spawn, it is in fact a harmless (unless fitted with rockets) smartphone controlled quadricopter.

For quite a while now iPhone owners have enjoyed the delights of the Parrot AR.Drone which operates using an augmented reality app: AR.FreeFlight. Parrot has now decided to bring that app to the likes of Android, Bada and Symbian, meaning the whole smartphone crowd can get in on the drone-action. 

The AR.Drone is controlled via WiFi networks and beams back an image from a camera on the front of the aircraft to your smartphone display. This results in possible races between AR.Drones and even virtual dogfights using augmented reality. 

AR.Race, the competitive multiplayer or single player app for the drone has also launched today on the app store. Also announced is the AR.Drone Challenges, where pilots who film their antics and post them online will be up with a chance of competing in the Grand Final in Paris this October.

AR.Drone your thing? Or sticking to Airfix?