Mattel has teamed up with British company Innovision Research and Technology to create a new games platform that incorporates RFID technology into collectable cards.

Hyperscan combines video games with collectable cards for the first time interactively. Each card is equipped with an RFID chip, while a reader plugs into the games console. Players scan their cards in order to take on the role of certain characters on the cards, and imbue them with special skills and powers. During the game, rescanning the card will enhance their characters' strength or armoury.

At the end of the game, players can scan the cards again to save their new winning powers.

The collectable cards distributed with HyperScan games will be based on a rarity scheme, so players won't know what cards they're getting in their packs.

The first HyperScan game that will be released is going to be based on the X-Men series; subsequent games that incorporate the technology include one based on Ben 10 and Mattel's Interstellar Wrestling League.