Hot wheels video racer is probably the toy car that you would have wanted when you were a kid.

Not content with the matchbox size cars being just cars anymore, Mattel has announced that this Christmas your kids will be after a matchbox car with a built-in video camera that allows them to record video from the cars point of view.

“Video Racer is the first action video camera encased in a 1:64 scale vehicle,” a spokeswomen told Pocket-lint gleefully.

hot wheels video racer lets you make driver seat action videos image 8

The racing car will come with a enough storage to record up to 12 minutes of video footage from its front facing camera that can be viewed either on the small LCD screen on the belly of the car or on your computer once you’ve connected it via USB, although you don't actually need a computer to enjoy or delete the clips.

When you aren’t racing it through a the latest track you’ve built (it’s compatible with the Hot Wheels track) you’ll be able to slip it into a protective case that can then be worn on your wrist or attached to your head for example giving you an action cam too boot.

hot wheels video racer lets you make driver seat action videos image 3

Mattel keen to let you make the most of the experience also bundles in a basic editing package for the PC so you can make your movies into the masterpieces they deserve to be.

Hot Wheels Racer is expected to launch in the Fall priced at $59.99 in the US. A Mattel spokeswomen confirmed to Pocket-lint that the video car would be coming to the UK, however didn’t have a price.