Mattel has launched a follow up to the Jedi mind trick game they launched in 2010 at this year's CES in Las Vegas.

Called Mindflex Dual, rather than see you using your brain to control a ball around a circular obstacle course like you did Mattel Mind Flex hands-on, this time the two player game sees you battling it out against a mate to see who can enough brain power to control a ball.

“Mindflex Dual lets two players battle each other in a metal marathon using ‘mind-eye’ concentration,” reads the accompanying info on the new game.

In non marketing speak that means you’ve got to have more concentration that your opponent forcing a small ball towards them before they can do the same to you.

The game includes two lightweight headsets that you slip on your noggin and attach sensors to your ears. This headband (for lack of a better word) then measures your brainwaves allowing you to control a fan, which in turn levitates a small blue ball.

When you haven’t got a friend to play against the game comes with a number of modes and the same obstacle course elements so you can still have fun on your own.

Priced at $99 in the US, Mindflex Dual is expected to be in the shops around October in time for Christmas.