You can now get Angry Birds not just on your phone, but on your PC, on your Mac, and on the PS3 which is great until there’s a power cut.

No problem says Mattel who’ve created the Angry Birds board game for your kids to re-inact the numerous levels from the game.

Fans of the game can build, launch and destroy obstacles with “exciting skill and action just like the app” says Mattel of the new game due out in May.

mattel angry birds knock on wood the angry birds board game image 4

The idea of the game is that you pull one of 56 “mission cards” from the pack while your mate builds said structure for you to then try and knock down using the including catapult.

The game will come with three Angry Birds (red, black, and yellow), four pigs, the slingshot launcher and 14 structure pieces to knock down.

Priced at a mere $15, the game should be available in May later this year.