Lego has revealed it will be launching a new range of Lego toys at this year's Toy Fair in London.

Going by the moniker of Power Miner the theme will be focused around a group of deep earth miners fighting off evil rock monsters.

As usual there will be a number of different sets hoping to hook you in with the flagship being the Crystal Sweeper (£39.99) with its spinning sweeper, moveable drill and motorcycle can, Lego say "keep one step ahead of the gobbling rock monsters and mine the crystals first". Luckily the Crystal Sweeper includes rock monster catapult, two rock monsters and two Power Miner minifigures to save you having to dig too far.

Others in the range include the Thunder Driller (£19.99), which grinds rock to dust with its planetary spinning drill head - ooooh. It includes one orange rock monster and two Power Miner minifigures.

LEGO say the Power Miners play sets should be hitting a toy store near you very shortly.

In related Lego news, the company has also announced that it will be releasing a series of Indiana sets based on the original trilogy allowing you to re-inact the temple of doom sequence as well as the boat chase in Venice. Unfortunately Lego has yet to release any images and Pocket-lint wasn't allowed to take photos when it saw the sets at the London Toy Fair.