Lego fans looking to transfer their files around have been given yet another unofficial Lego inspired USB drive at IFA in Berlin.

The Zip Zip memory brick is a USB 2.0 flash memory drive housed within a replica Lego brick.

Although not indorsed by Lego, the company even goes as far as saying: "This product is not sponsored, authorised or endorsed by the Lego Group of Companies" it will still work with the official Lego bricks.

When in use the lid clips onto the memory component, preventing accidental loss.

Windows and Mac compatible, the bricks come in four sizes and a range of eight colours.

A 1GB version will cost you $29, the 2GB model $40 and the 4GB model $59 dollars. The company has yet to price the 8GB version although says it will come in the same size.

The good news? The company says they do international shipping to the UK.

Our recommendation if you want one, would be to get in before Lego lawyers get wise.