Lego fans will soon be able to create their own virtual Lego Universe brick by brick.

Next year will see the launch of a multiplayer online game called Lego Universe, in which players will be able to create online Lego versions of themselves and interact with each other.

"We want to make the connection between digital play and physical play", Mark William Hansen who is in charge of Lego Universe told Reuters.

"The physical experience is our core, the digital experience will never replace the physical experience, but it's a nice add-on."

Reflecting this, Lego fans will actually be able to order a real version of the online Lego avatar they create of themselves.

And the game play will mirror that memory from so many of our childhoods of sitting on a carpet surrounded by lego pieces (and then having a panic when you're baby sibling swallowed one or is that just me?).

Players will be able to buy bricks (there's could be as many as 6000 types of brick!) to build their world; and the more you play, the more virtual cash you earn.

Lego Universe will first launch as a PC game, which fans will be able to buy in stores as well as download, but rumour has it that it will also come to other platforms.

Hansen added that the game will operate as a pay-as-you-go subscription service at a "competitive price" but didn't reveal how much.