Lego has announced that it is releasing an Indiana Jones inspired Lego collection in time for the fourth instalment out later this year.

The piste de la resistance of the range, which includes motorcycles, vehicles, lost tombs and stolen treasure is the Temple Escape complete with collapsing walls, shooting arrow traps, slithering snakes, spiked walls and a massive boulder rolling right for him.

The sets which are available individually or as a compete offering for just under £100 includes Indiana Jones with hat, whip and shoulder bag, Belloq, Satipo and pilot minifigures!

The Temple Escape even includes a 6-inch (15cm) long plane with snake inside, just like the scene from the movie.

Features and details include skull rocks, bat, spider, spiderweb, skeletons, gold coins and more. The Temple measures a total of 21-inches (53cm) long.