Lego unveils a transforming Optimus Prime kit

This new kit will drop on 1 June 2022 and stands at over 1,500 pieces. (image credit: Lego)
You get plenty of extras, including an ion blaster, Energon axe, an Energon Cube and the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. (image credit: Lego)
The build looks simple but is complex and will stand at 35cm tall in robot mode. (image credit: Lego)
19 points of articulation will let you swap into truck mode to disguise the Autobot leader. (image credit: Lego)
We love the old-school look and feel of the kit. (image credit: Lego)
It'll cost £149.99, $169.99 or €169,99 when it's live in June. (image credit: Lego)