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(Pocket-lint) - Lego has a good thing going with its long-running Star Wars collaboration, and the train keeps a-rolling, with its latest set unveiled as a faithful recreation of Luke Skywalker's iconic orange landspeeder, part of the Ultimate Collector Series.

The X-34 speeder features in A New Hope, the first Star Wars film, and quickly became a memorable part of the franchise that Luke and Obi-Wan Kenobi skate around Tatooine using.

The new set isn't the first time Lego has recreated the vehicle, but it is far more detailed than previous offerings, and comes in at 1,890 pieces to reflect that authenticity.

It comes with figures for Luke and C-3PO to display on the stand alongside the vehicle, along with a display plate to let your visitors know what you're showing off.

The speeder is 49cm long when it's fully built, so it's a chunky enough set, and the package costs £174.99.

Luke's landspeeder eptimomises what's great about the designs in the original trilogy of Star Wars films, with its absolutely beaten-up aesthetic and spare-parts looks making Lars Owen's homestead feel as potentially real as any rural farm in the real world.

Pocket-lintLego unveils Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder in more detail than ever photo 5

That sense of being built on real parts is something that has to stay somewhat beneath the surface in this build - you'll layer up the speeder in stratas, but the outer shell will actually end up relatively shiny and clean, as most lego does, aside from one exposed engine.

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There are some sticker sets to add some dents and nicks but by and large the speeder looks pretty new. That's basically the only (very light) criticism we can think of for what is otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable build with a gorgeous, display-worthy end result.

Pocket-lintLego unveils Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder in more detail than ever photo 11

You'll build the main section of the speeder first, filling out its layers and making the cabin area, before you build those three rear engines and the front curvature to finish things off.

This isn't a drastically complex build, either, with the fiddliest points coming when you have to hook up the various little cables in that exposed engine pod, but nothing to tax anyone who's built much before. Our favourite part of a build like this is seeing a part cleverly reused like the black whip that you can spot in the engine below.

Pocket-lintLego unveils Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder in more detail than ever photo 6

It should take a few hours, with a final sprint that will leave you with a great stand to elevate the speeder off its surface slightly, and display some information about it alongside a couple of minifigures of Luke and C-3PO.

Pocket-lintLego unveils Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder in more detail than ever photo 10

The set is also nice and sturdy - this isn't the sort of build that we'd be worried about if it were knocked over a little, as it's heavy and solid rather than having lots of parts that could snap off or fall easily.

There are loads of nice details, though, that you can see a sampling of in the gallery below, from exposed parts to the cabin area featuring a steering wheel that can be adjusted to different heights.

Feeding cables around the front section of the speeder to create that metallic banded look is a particular late highlight, helping to make a finish that would otherwise be hard to create with Lego pieces.

It's a great build for Star Wars fans, then, and with a ready-made display setup it's perfect for collectors who like to show off their builds once they're complete (something that isn't always as easy as you'd like with Lego).

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.