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(Pocket-lint) - Lego has added three new Star Wars collectable sets to its range.

There are two helmets - Darth Vader (of course) and a Scout Trooper, plus an Imperial Probe Droid. The helmets follow up on others in the 'helmet collection' announced earlier in the year. Each comes with a stand and plaque so you can put it on a shelf, windowsill or desk. 

The new sets will go on sale on 26 April. 

The Darth Vader Helmet (75304) is an 834-piece model and is designed for display like the Scout Trooper Helmet (75305) which is a 471-piece helmet. They're a fairly similar model size, but Darth's helmet has more pieces to cope with the more flowing design of the original. 

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The  Imperial Probe Droid (75306) means that adult builders can recreate scenes from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back on the ice planet Hoth. The 638-piece Droid comes with a transparent pole so you can ‘suspend’ the droid over the buildable snow scene.

"Some of our favourite Star Wars characters have the most profound, intimidating on-screen presences, despite the fact that you can’t see their facial expressions," says Jens Kronvold Frederiksen, Creative Director of Lego Star Wars.

"In recreating the sinister helmets of Darth Vader and the Scout Trooper, it was important to capture the details and essential features that people around the world will recognise, even those who aren’t too familiar with the Star Wars galaxy. I think all three display sets are extremely cool and I hope fans will enjoy the building process and be thrilled to display them once complete."

Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 25 March 2021.