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(Pocket-lint) - It was only a matter of time before Lego teamed up with Ikea - and now it's happened with an Ikea storage collection called BYGGLEK which features Lego studs on top and on the side.

There will also be a special Lego set that works with the boxes, the two companies say.

As you might guess, the boxes involved are designed for storing Lego (though we couldn't possibly fit all our Lego into them). In total there are four different products – one set of three small boxes, two sets of bigger boxes and the aforementioned lego set.

The range will start from £10 from 1 October.

Ikea says the thought process behind the boxes was that by tidying up Lego, it disrupts play - so why not make the storage part of the play? Lego builds can be stored on top of the box.

IkeaIkea and Lego team up for storage boxes you can build on photo 2

Andreas Fredriksson, Ikea designer, says: "Where adults often see mess, children see a stimulating creative environment, and BYGGLEK will help bridge the gap between these two views to ensure more creative play in homes around the world.

"Plus, the BYGGLEK collection matches perfectly with other Ikea products.”

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Ikea/Lego BYGGLEK product prices:

  • BYGGLEK box with lid, set of 3 for £10
  • BYGGLEK box with lid (L26xW18, H12cm), £12
  • BYGGLEK box with lid (L35xW26, H12cm), £15
  • BYGGLEK 201-piece LEGO brick set, £15
Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 27 August 2020.