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(Pocket-lint) - Take the two things helping us most through lockdown, combine them into one glorious idea and we're sold already.

An Animal Crossing New Horizons Lego set has appeared on the Lego Ideas website and it's already more than halfway to being considered for a possible consumer release.

Built by Lego superfan Micro_Model_Maker, the Animal Crossing New Horizons: Nook's Cranny build features the store run by Timmy and Tommy Nook in the Nintendo Switch sensation.

It is currently in the support stage, whereby Lego site visitors get to vote on whether they would like to see the set become an actual product, and it is well on its way to achieving the 10,000 supporters mark required to reach the next stage.

If it does, it will then be assessed by the Lego Ideas team for viability.

Of course, it could then run into some trickier waters - licensing, etc. But, considering Lego has recently signed a deal with Nintendo for the Mario sets, it's not a huge stretch to imagine a deal could be made.

In the meantime, check out the page for Lego Nook's Cranny and lend your own support. We all get behind it and you never know, we might be seeing it in the shops at some point.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 12 May 2020.