Lego is embracing the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing on the 20 July with a new range of sets to both celebrate the past and inspire future would-be astronauts.

Following on from the launch of the 1,087-piece Apollo 11 Luna Lander set in June, this new range, which will be part of the company's Lego City range, will focus on Mars exploration and follows NASA's announcement that it not only wants to return to the Moon by 2024 but travel further afield to Mars.

Unlike the Lego space sets of the 1980s, brought to life in the recent Lego Movies, Lego has "frequently met" with the space agency during development, making sure the new sets reflect many of the technical details of the rockets, rovers, and equipment NASA plans to use.

LegoLego sets sights on Mars with new Lego City space sets image 4

"The team also redesigned white Lego rockets to a burnt orange color based on the actual materials NASA intends to use; in the past, rockets may have been left white for aesthetic reasons, but the extra coat of paint adds weight," explains the company on the move.

There will be seven sets as part of the Lego City Mars Exploration series ranging from a Satellite Service Mission set costing £9.99 and featuring a shuttle with opening minifigure cockpit to a Rocket Assembly and Transport set that costs £119.99. It will allow builders to prepare a rocket for launch with this assembly frame building with crane, transport crawler, multi-stage rocket and rover lab.


Our personal favourite is the Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control (£89.99) that will let you send astronauts via monorail to the multi-stage Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.

The sets are available now.

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