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(Pocket-lint) - We've been lucky enough to build The Rexcelsior from the Lego Movie 2 over recent days and we have to say it's one of the best sets we've ever made. 

The $150/£140 set comes with 1,826 pieces and is, essentially designed to look like a big fist - there's a handle at the back so you can hold it with one hand - although it is mega weighty so younger kids won't be able to do this. It is terrific for role play for older kids, though, especially when teamed with other Lego Movie 2 sets. 

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There's also a trigger - accessible from the back, too - that enables you to fire a magazine of six fluorescent darts (there's even storage for six extras in the middle of the front of the ship).

These do fire ferociously, probably contributing to the age rating of 10+. Some of the build is quite detailed but not overly so - while some other bits are made from Lego Technic parts, which always ups the age ante. It's not a hard build, but would seem long for anyone younger. 

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As with other large ships we've built, the main framework is made of Technic, off of which other parts hang, such as the opening side panels. This means that the core of the ship is incredibly strong. But due to the nature of Lego, some of the outer decoration is not.

Indeed, the rear wing is pretty brittle and breaks off as soon as you start playing. It's surprising really, that it is so fall-offable and we've had to reinforce ours with additional parts not in the set. 

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Unlike other large ships that Lego has made, this one is clearly designed for play. It includes two minifigures: Stubble Trouble Emmet and Rex Dangervest, plus and five micro raptor dinosaur figures. There's also a mini cockpit featuring Emmet and Rex microfigures, too. 

The set has a fair amount of detail with several rooms and compartments for some small builds that are also part of the set - these don't take long to put together at all.

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As you might expect, it's certainly a set for those who've seen the second Lego movie - if you haven't, it would be a mystery why some of the parts of the ship exist, such as why the microfigures have their own space or what the smaller builds or raptors are doing there. 

In total, we'd estimate that the set took somewhere in the region of four to five hours to build with interruptions from kids and the washing up. 

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All in all, a very enjoyable build and a super ship. If you've got kids that aren't completely swayed by Star Wars grey, it's a toy that they can build on and adapt over time, too. 

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Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 1 July 2019.