(Pocket-lint) - Things are about to get “stranger” at Lego HQ. It is launching its first official tie-in with Netflix and, in particular, the series Stranger Things.

A themed set is available now. It comes with 2,287 pieces and gives builders the chance to create the Byer’s house in Hawkins, Indiana. What's clever is that it not only includes the normal realm, but also the Upside Down world.

The set is rated 16+ because of the subject matter rather than the build difficulty. It features eight Stranger Things characters recreated in Lego minifigure form: Chief Hopper, Joyce Byers, Eleven, plus buddies Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will.


There is also a minifigure version of the Demogorgon for you to battle against.

Not only are the minifigures great - Dustin is amazing and we love Eleven’s waffles - but the Byer’s house comes complete with an Evil Dead inspired porch, the alphabet wall from season one and Will’s bedroom with faux Jaws poster. There is even a battery powered light brick to illuminate the dark lounge.

Where the set really gets clever is its ability to flip from good to bad. The two, almost identical houses can be built in tandem, thanks to two instruction booklets and sit suspended in the air by two large Lego trees either side. It is here the set offers a physical experience, switching between the two with ease. It makes for a great ornament on a (large) bookshelf.


Certainly, everyone we’ve shown so far thought the build was really clever.

While the set does struggle from being a little repetitive to build - especially if you are planning to construct it on your own - the end result is ingenious. We especially love the contrast between the family homestead or the dilapidated Upside Down world, complete with dark vines and murky colours.

There is so much detail here you can easily waste five minutes or more just by looking at all the elements and features. Other seemingly minor but clever standouts include the "Will the Wise" drawing, a picture of the iconic Mind Flayer hidden in the attic, and a pumpkin in the back of Hoppers Jeep.


The Stranger Things set is largely based on season one, while the pumpkin hidden inside the police car are a nod to the second season. As the set was being designed in early 2018, season three - which comes to Netflix on 4 July - was still a long way off, according to Lego. 

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Lego Stranger Things: The Upside Down is available directly from Lego stores and the company's website now. 

The set costs $199.99 in the US, €199.99 in Europe or £179.99 in the UK.


Lego is yet to reveal whether this set is a one-off or whether we can expect to see more Stranger Things or other Netflix exclusives in the future.

We would love to see a an Orange is the New Black jail or Lego Buckingham Palace from The Crown. Here’s hoping.

Writing by Stuart Miles.