(Pocket-lint) - The Lego Movie 2 is about to be released in cinemas. The film once again has heavy script involvement from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, is directed by Mike Mitchell and stars Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett.

We spoke to Lego’s vice president of design last year about the gestation of the film, but naturally, a huge part of the Lego movie is the accompanying sets and we also asked Matthew how the design process for the themed sets works alongside the film.

The movie takes up the story of Bricksburg five years after the original – a new threat sees Lego Duplo invaders from space (crossing the themes, there) destroying the city. Naturally, our heroes need to restore balance to the Lego universe!

Lego released the first sets from the second dose of The Lego Movie at the end of last year since which it’s also announced more sets including the range-topping Welcome to Apocalypeburg And Rex’s Explorer. Rex's Explorer is the only set not out yet. 

While those sets are at the more expensive end of things, there are stacks of sets for all ages (yes there’s a Duplo set) and all budgets.

Some of the sets are pretty meaty, while there's also some super retro sets like Benny’s Space Squad below - but, as with any big Lego theme, there are a few less appealing models. However, we haven't seen the film yet and the ones that we (and you) might not be so keen on could be the sets that take up a pivotal role in the movie, you never know...

Here are all 21 Lego Movie 2 sets ranked in price order from lowest to highest! 


70841 Benny’s Space Squad, ages 5+, 68 pieces

This awesome set includes four 1980s Lego Space-themed astronaut minifigures with assorted accessories. You also get a little old school Lego Space scooter thing and a lunar buggy with dual-minifigure seats.


70822 Unikitty’s Sweetest Friends EVER!, ages 5+, 76 pieces

A bit of an add-on set, this one. Enjoy a drink and a snack with this set featuring three buildable figures - Unikitty, Ice Cream Cone and Chocolate Bar. There’s also a tea trolley with teapot, cups and cake.


70823 Emmet’s Thricycle!, ages 7+, 173 pieces

This rather crazy Thricycle features a minifigure seat, three stacked rubber tires and foldout stabilizers. There’s also a mini petrol/gas station with parking spot for the Thricycle, plus an Emmet minifigure and a random brick-built alien invader with a chomping mouth and rotating cyclops eye.



70821 Emmet and Benny’s ‘Build and Fix Workshop’, ages 4+, 117 pieces

Designed for younger builders over four years old, you can fix up Benny’s Spaceship (which, yes, is themed around 1980s Lego Space) and Emmet’s Escape Buggy in the workshop. The set Emmet and Benny minifigures and a bunch of tools to play around with.


70836 Battle-ready Batman and MetalBeard, ages 6+, 168 pieces

This Batman-themed set features pirate MetalBeard in slightly off-putting “crabmech” form, opening treasure chest with MetalBeard’s internal organs (!) and flip-down crow’s nest, on top plus Batman is sitting on what can only be described as a throne. Includes a brick-built Star figure and numerous weapons and accessories.


70824 Introducing Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi, ages 6+, 115 pieces

Here’s Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi in horse form with a rotating platform, plus five interchangeable face expressions for rebuilding the shape-shifting queen. The set also includes a buildable (and rather loveable) Banarnar character, Sweet Mayhem and Susan minidolls (yes, that’s a thing) plus a Lucy minifigure.


10895: Emmet and Lucy’s Visitors from the Duplo Planet, ages 2+, 53 pieces

It’s hard to believe that the Duplo characters are the menaces of the Lego Movie 2, but here we are with a set aimed at toddlers. Naturally the characters are designed so they can mix it all up and create their own characters. Emmet and Lucy are in Duplo figure form, too. Our nearly-two-year-old will be all over this one! 


70826 Rex’s Rextreme Off-roader, ages 7+, 230 pieces

This is a 3-in-1 set, hence we’re showing you the box rather than the set itself. You can rebuild the off-roader and Recon Rex-o-saurus into the Rex-o-saurus Quad or Execu-Rex-o-saurus. Got that? The off-roader seats 2 minifigures and has a rotating rear turret with 2 stud shooters, while the Recon Rex-o-saurus looks like it belongs in one of Lego’s Jurassic World sets. There’s also (angry) Rex Dangervest and Emmet minifigures plus a buildable Plantimal character.


70827 Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy!, ages 8+, 383 pieces

Another set with a random alien invader, you once again get Lucy and Emmet minifigures. The key part of the set is, of course, Ultrakitty, who comes with three different facial expressions and a posable tail and legs.


70832 Emmet’s Builder Box, ages 5+, 125 pieces

This one comes in a carry case that snaps shut. Seemingly inspired by 1980s Lego Basic sets, you get Emmet and a brick-built alien invader in addition to a digger and rather odd-shaped construction vehicle with demolition balls and bucket. There’s also something described as a house, but it’s probably the worst Lego house we’ve ever seen.


70833 Lucy’s Builder Box, ages 5+, 141 pieces

On the other hand, Lucy’s version of the previous set is a lot more compelling with motorbike, ramp, stage and spa bath. We’d have preferred a pool and slide to be honest! Again, this bundle of joy comes in a snap-shut carry case.


70825 Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi’s Build Whatever Box!, ages 6+, 455 pieces

This set is pretty cool, probably the best for creative minds. You can build and rebuild shape-shifting Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi in 15 different forms. There are instructions to build each version, but of course you can create your own!


70820 Lego Movie Maker, ages 8+, 482 pieces

This set is designed as a stage so kids can create their own movies – it even has a stand so you can put a smartphone on it and actually record stuff. There’s plenty of props with arms so you can hold and move them, plus you can also hold stuff in place using the adjustable arms at the top.


70829 Emmet and Lucy’s Escape Buggy, ages 8+, 549 pieces

Both Emmet and Lucy can sit in the buggy which also features the same clever suspension we’ve previously seen in the 60180 Lego City monster truck (thanks Santa). There are three minifigures and three buildable figures—MetalBeard, Star and Heart each with weapons and accessories.


70834 MetalBeard’s Heavy Metal Motor Trike, ages 7+, 458 pieces

This superb trike has a built-in MetalBeard minifigure head and crow’s nest. There’s also loads of details such as cannons, an adjustable shark shooter with snapping jaws, Apocalypse-borg Benny minifigure plus a brick-built Star figure.


70830 Sweet Mayhem’s Systar Starship, ages 9+, 500 pieces

Help Emmet and Lucy evade capture inside Sweet Mayhem’s Systar Starship, featuring an opening cockpit, retractable landing gear, disc shooter and an opening prison cell. There are also three figures plus a buildable Star and Heart.


70831 Emmet’s Dream House/Rescue Rocket, ages 8+, 706 pieces

Unlike the one we featured earlier, this is an actual house. It’s a 2-in-1 set where Emmet’s home can be rebuilt into a rocket. As with old-school Lego houses it opens out and has a detailed living room/kitchen and attic. There are plenty of accessories plus Emmet, Lucy, and Rex Dangervest minifigures and buildable Planty and Warrior Kitty characters.


70828 Pop-Up Party Bus, ages 9+, 1,013 pieces

Now that’s a bus! Featuring opening roof and sides, the bus has a cockpit for the Zebe figure, rotating dancefloor with Lego light-up brick and a flip-up disco ball inside. Includes Unikitty, Chad and Amber and a brick-built Zebe figure.


70835 Rex’s Rexplorer, ages 9+, 1,172 pieces

The Rexplorer features dual-opening cockpits, spring-loaded and stud shooters, rotating engines, an opening rear compartment and a removable speeder. Features Rex Dangervest and Emmet, two raptor figures with a brick-built mountable stud shooter and raptor skateboard, plus two brick-built Plantimals.  


70839 The Rexcelsior!, age 10+, 1,826 pieces

This set isn’t out yet - this $149.99, £139.99 fist-shaped spaceship is going to be released later than the other Lego Movie 2 sets in summer 2019, presumably with one eye on Christmas. The ship measures 19cm high, 40cm and 21cm wide and you can fire a spring-loaded shooter with six missiles - there's a trigger at the back of the ship.

70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg!, age 16+, 3,178 pieces

Designed for older builders, this epic set is one of the centrepieces of Lego Movie 2 and comes with 12 minifigures including Emmet, Lucy, Batman and Harley Quinn. Measuring 52cm tall and 49cm wide it certainly made an impression when it arrived at Pocket-lint HQ as you can see in the video above.

Writing by Dan Grabham.