Lego has chosen the first day of London's Toy Fair to reveal another key set from the upcoming Lego Movie 2 - an 1,820-piece spaceship known as The Rexcelsior. 

Costing £140, the ship measures 19cm high, 40cm and 21cm wide, it's going to be released later than the other Lego Movie 2 sets in summer 2019, presumably with one eye on Christmas.

The ship belongs to the movie's new hero Rex Dangervest and there's plenty of features including being able to fire a spring-loaded shooter with six missiles - there's a trigger at the back of the ship. The ship is designed to look like a fist, though we have to say we'd have preferred it to look like a Lego minifigure's hand!

You get Rex Dangervest and Emmet minifigures as well as microfigures - there are even five micro-sized raptor toy dinosaur figures. The interior of the ship is micro-scale and even features a skate park while you can also build your own micro-scale models. 

LegoLego reveals another 1800 piece set from Lego Movie 2 image 2

The latest set debuts after Lego's Christmas reveal of the majority of the Lego Movie 2 sets, as well as the recently-announced and more than slightly crazy £280/$300 Welcome to Apocalypseburg set that features 3,178 pieces and 12 minifigures including Emmet, Lucy, Batman and Harley Quinn. 

Like other sets from the movie, we'll have to wait until we see the action to know fully how they're used in the film. When we spoke to Lego's VP of design, Matthew Ashton, in November, he told us how sets are coordinated between the film and design teams.

"When we're reviewing the scripts and the storyboards and animatics … we're like, 'Actually this would make a really good toy,' and then we co-develop that with the animation and art teams at the studio to make sure we create something that does everything that it needs to do, be as action packed as it needs to be in the movie and then also makes a really good playable, buildable toy at the same time."

We'll bring you a full roundup of all the Lego Movie 2 sets this weekend on Pocket-lint - the movie is in UK cinemas on 8 February. 

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