(Pocket-lint) - Fancy a new building challenge? What about this £300 Lego Creator Expert Roller Coaster, an epic set that can use Lego Power Functions parts to motorise the chain lift.

Alternatively, you can combine it with Lego Boost as well!

It’s a huge set, with a footprint of 41 x 88cm and is 53cm high. As with other large Lego sets your challenge may be where you will store it after the build. It’s not cheap either; like other Lego Creator series sets it has an older audience in mind and has age 16 and over on the box.


The roller coaster track has 44 different elements, while there’s a ticket booth, ice cream seller and candy floss cart, too.

There are also 11 different minifigures in the set, each with reversible heads so you can capture the “thrill’ of descending the roller coaster drops!


The Lego Roller Coaster is available for Lego VIPs from 16 May and goes on general sale on 1 June.

We’ve had a few huge sets from Lego in the recent past, not least the 7,541 piece Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon which - and we don't like to brag - that we built!

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This set clocks in at 4,124 pieces, putting it behind only a few big hitters in terms of number of pieces ever sold in a Lego set - the 5,923-piece Taj Mahal, the old 5,000-odd piece Millennium Falcon, 2016’s awesome 4,634-piece Ghostbusters Firehouse (we still want that so badly!) and the London Big Ben and Tower Bridge sets.

All are still available to buy aside from the old Falcon. Santa will surely bring us the Ghostbusters Firehouse this year. 

The new Roller Coaster is designed to go alongside the already-available Lego Creator Expert Ferris Wheel and Carousel and here are all three in action: 


The Lego Expert series - which feature some pretty serious building challenges - has certainly featured some stunning sets and they look fantastic when put together.

We were also lucky enough to build the brand new Downtown Diner over Christmas - a highly detailed set as you can see here:

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Writing by Dan Grabham.